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NORCO Volleyball Private lesson information

Private Lesson Calendar

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Office Hours - Alx
9:00am MDT Ical_event_icon

Office Hours - Gavin Markovits
9:30am MDT Ical_event_icon

Office Hours-Gavin Markovits
9:30am MDT Ical_event_icon

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Office Hours - Alx
8:00am MDT Ical_event_icon

Office Hours - Gavin Markovits
12:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Office Hours - Alx
4:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

Private Lessons

Interested in private volleyball lessons? Let one of our top-notch coaches help you get better at the sport you love!

  • All athletes, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome to contact our staff for private lessons!
  • NORCO Coaches with NORCO players: must conduct all lessons at the facility!
  • Courts are available for private lessons almost anytime the facility is open.  Book a ct one hr before or after it is scheduled.  Coaches contact admin to do this.
  • Please view the Facility practice schedule for a complete schedule of dates/times the facility is open.
  • You will need to initiate contact with one of our coaches and they will schedule the gym time.
  • Payment will need to be in the form of a check or cash payable to the coach and is due by the start of your lesson.
  • If a conflict should arise after scheduling a private lesson, you must contact your coach, by phone or email, at least 24 hours prior to the start of your lesson. Failure to contact with at least 24 hours notice will result in paying in full for the lesson.
  •  *NOTE: No NORCO coach may conduct private lessons with athletes from their own NORCO team during the club season

Cost of Lessons

NUMBER OF ATHLETES & Cost Per Hour is determined by the coach ($60-$120 per hour with price breaks for more than one athlete at a time).  Payment has to made prior to the lesson and paid directly to the coach.  Coaches will offer package plans to reduce costs!

Contact coaches and/or NORCO Volleyball if you're interested in Private Lessons!  These coaches are in the area and have some time available.  For each coach's background, head over to our Coaches & Staff Page, please contact them directly if you are interested in any lessons.

  1. Brook Coulter (Former CSU Associate Head Coach and Professional Player) All ages, all skills;
  2. Katelyn (Steffan) Greenwald (All-American CSU, Former NORCO Coach,) All ages, all skills;
  3. Aime Cordeiro (former all-conference libero at San Diego State) - All ages, all skills;
  4. Amber Ortner - (NORCO 14 Blue Coach) All skills, 14 and under
  5. Kate Hampson - (NORCO 15 Blue Coach) Setting, all ages
  6. Ashley Acuff - (NORCO 13 Black Coach) All Skills, 14 and under
  7. Jared Rudiger - (NORCO 16 Blue Coach) All Skills, All Ages
  8. Sam Peters - (NORCO 17 Black Coach) All Skills, All Ages
  9. Laura Barnes (NORCO 18 Black Coach) All skills, All Ages;
  10. Gavin Markovits (NORCO Director of Volleyball Operations) All Skills, all ages

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