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NORCO Volleyball Private lesson information

Private Lesson Calendar

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Private Lessons

Interested in private volleyball lessons? Let one of our top-notch coaches help you get better at the sport you love!

  • All athletes, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome to contact our staff for private lessons!
  • NORCO Coaches with NORCO players: must conduct all lessons at the facility!
  • Courts are available for private lessons almost anytime the facility is open.
  • Please view the Facility practice schedule for a complete schedule of dates/times the facility is open.
  • You will need to initiate contact with one of our coaches and they will schedule the gym time.
  • Payment will need to be in the form of a check or cash payable to the coach and is due by the start of your lesson.
  • If a conflict should arise after scheduling a private lesson, you must contact your coach, by phone or email, at least 4 hours prior to the start of your lesson. Failure to contact with at least 4 hours notice will result in paying in full for the lesson.
  •  *NOTE: No NORCO coach may conduct private lessons with athletes from their own NORCO team during the club season

Cost of Lessons

NUMBER OF ATHLETES & Cost Per Hour is determined by the coach ($60-$90 per hour with price breaks for more than one athlete at a time).  Payment has to made prior to the lesson and paid directly to the coach.  Coaches will offer package plans to reduce costs!

Contact coaches and/or NORCO Volleyball if you're interested in Private Lessons!  These coaches are in the area and have some time available.  For each coach's background, head over to our Coaches & Staff Page, please contact them directly if you are interested in any lessons.

  1. Gavin Markovits - (NORCO 17 Black Coach) All Skills, all ages gmarko1@yahoo.com
  2. Bri Zimlich - (NORCO 16 Blue Coach) All Skills, all ages bzvball@gmail.com
  3. Amber Ortner - (NORCO 12 Black Coach) All skills, 14 and under amberortner@yahoo.com
  4. Kate Hampson - (NORCO 16 Black Coach) Setting, all ages khvballplr3@comcast.net
  5. Ashley Acuff - (NORCO 14 Blue Coach) All Skills, 14 and under ash.acuff@gmail.com
  6. Marissa Hughes - (NORCO 18 Black Coach) Setting/ Defense, all ages mdsetter1@yahoo.com
  7. Jared Rudiger - (NORCO 18 Black Coach) All Skills, All Ages CoachRudy@outlook.com
  8. Lindsey Blahauvietz - (NORCO Technical Consultant) Defensive Specialist, All Ages lindseymkerr@yahoo.com
  9. Sam Peters - (NORCO 17 Black Coach) All Skills, All Ages vballsam@gmail.com
  10. Laura Barnes (NORCO 13 Black Coach) All skills, All Ages; lspierce21@gmail.com
  11. Jaime Colaizzi (NORCO 17 Black Coach) Defensive skills, All ages jcolaizzi1@gmail.com

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