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NORCO Youth Program

Vision & Goals for NORCO Youth Programs

Our goal in offering youth programs is to provide a welcoming and affirming environment where young players develop both skills and a life-long love for the game.

The youth program at NORCO has a direct impact on the growth volleyball in Northern Colorado, as well as the viability of our club program as a whole. While learning about the game of volleyball, the participants in our youth programs create a pool of players for local schools and club programs, along with future coaches and refs.

Goal #1: Establish Youth Programs for Players of All Ages and Abilities      

  • VolleyKidz – Designed especially for young players (girls and boys ages 4-7), this introduction to volleyball focuses on movement and fun, while developing fundamental skills and introducing teamwork. 
  • NORCO Academy – With instruction focused on developing consistency in skills, movement and strength, our Academy program welcomes boys and girls ages 8-12, beginner to intermediate. 
  • Middle & High School League  - We created the MS/HS League for players in grades 6-12 who want to grow their skills and experience playing on a team. 
  • NORCO Prime – Our Prime League is the perfect opportunity for 11-17 year olds who are interested in club volleyball with a shorter season and a locally focused tournament experience.  

GOAL #2: Motivate and encourage the middle school population to develop a love for the game of volleyball. Instill NORCO core values into all programs so players are developing on and off of the court. 

GOAL #3: Offer new ideas for existing programs and innovate current programs to  create a well-rounded and updated youth program. 

GOAL #4: Connect NORCO Core players and coaches, local college players and local business to the NORCO Youth Program to create a sense of community.  

NORCO Volleyball - 37 Years of Building Teams, Players and People