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NORCO Youth Clinics & Events

Welcome to the NORCO Youth Program!

Message from the Youth Director

Each year brings increased participation of young athletes to NORCO Volleyball and I would like to welcome everyone to the Youth Program.  Some are seasoned participants, while others are just beginning to learn and engage in the sport of volleyball.  I am honored to be your Youth Director and look forward to coaching and educating your children as well as creating a positive experience for everyone this season!

I have had the opportunity to have coached athletes and youth for more than 25 years.  My passion has always been to be in the gym working with players to help them grow and learn the sport of volleyball as well as life lessons.  Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, I was a 3-sport athlete throughout High School and played Division I volleyball for the University of Wyoming.  I started my coaching career at Rocky Mountain High School where I spent 13 seasons and 10 years as their Head Coach. While at RMHS, I began coaching for NORCO Volleyball as well at various age levels and continue to work closely with the 14 & Under programs.  This upcoming year will be my 11th season with NORCO.

 My expectation, as your Youth Director, is to develop young athletes with strong foundations in all skill sets and to enjoy the sport of volleyball for life.  I believe my extensive coaching, teaching and administrative experience, will allow me to successfully fulfill, and even exceed the requirements for this position.

As a former athlete and parent myself, I understand the sacrifices of time, money and energy in having young athletes be a part of a team or athletic program and would be happy to talk to anyone with questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, it is an honor that you have entrusted NORCO and myself to coach and educate your athletes and look forward to an enjoyable season.

Krista Schwartz
NORCO Director of Youth Operations
14 Black Head Coach


NORCO Camps & Clinics are open to ALL volleyball players - players do NOT have to be NORCO affiliated or play on a club team to participate in our Clinics.

NORCO Juniors Camps/Clinics/Leagues are available to all athletes regardless of age, experience, or club affiliation.  Clinics are designed for players ages 11 - 18, unless otherwise stated.  Our Camps/Clinics will be staffed with collegiate coaches, collegiate players, and current/former NORCO coaches and players.  Our goal will be to provide an environment where each athlete will be allowed to reach personal goals regardless of current level of play or experience.  Each athlete will be challenged while acquiring skills through instruction, demonstration, and repetition.  Concepts for each technique and position will be emphasized by our staff with positive and constructive feedback.  ALL NORCO CLINICS/ CAMPS/ TRYOUTS AND OTHER EVENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless the camp or clinic is cancelled.

2020 Volleykubz & Volleykidz

The first night of the 2020 Volleykidz & Volleykubz winter session was a huge success with lots of fun and excitement in the gym.  Thanks to the young athletes for making it a great start!

Volleykubz & Volleykidz

Volleykubz & VolleyKidz is designed for the beginner to intermediate volleyball player ages 4-12 years. These programs are open to both boys & girls and focuses on gross motor development, basic fundamental skills and techniques for building a strong volleyball foundation for a successful volleyball career.

These programs are ran by multiple NORCO coaches and upper-level NORCO players to ensure quality instruction and growth for each player that walks onto the court!

2020 dates are posted! Registration for all sessions is available below.

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Volleyball Academy

The NORCO Volleyball Academy is designed for the intermediate to advanced volleyball player ages 10-14 years. This program is open to both boys & girls and focuses on developing consistency and strength with fundamental skills. 

This program is ran by multiple NORCO coaches and upper-level NORCO players to ensure quality instruction and growth for each player that walks onto the court!

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Vision for NORCO's Youth Program & Goals

The youth program at NORCO has a direct impact on the health of the program as a whole. The participants in our youth programs create the pool of players for the club program. Without building a strong foundation at the younger level, the upper levels struggle to maintain a high number of athletes. NORCO’s youth programs will offer skill development while maintaining and encouraging a love for the game.

~Create three levels of the NORCO youth program:

     -Beginning Youth

     -Intermediate Youth
          Volleyball Academy
          Specialized Clinics

     -Middle School
          Middle School League
          Specialized Clinics

~Have NORCO motivate and encourage the middle school population to develop a love for the game of volleyball

~Offer new ideas for existing programs and create new programs to help create a well-rounded youth program

NORCO Volleyball - 35 Years of Building Teams, Players and People