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NORCO Volleyball Private lesson information

Private Lessons

Interested in private volleyball lessons? Click on the coaches name below to learn more about his or her background and then email the coach directly to schedule your first lesson.


  • Paul Shimek - (15 Blue Head Coach) All Skills, All Ages
  • Jadyn McCartney - (17 Black Assistant Coach) All Skills, All Ages
  • Alex Kloehn - (13 Black Head Coach) Middle/Right Side Hitting, All Ages

  • Erin Pavlin - (17 Blue Head Coach) DS/Libero, All Positions, All Ages 

  • Courtney Wallace - (14 Black Head Coach) All Positions, All Ages


  • All athletes, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome to contact our instructors directly for private lessons. 
  • NORCO coaches must conduct all lessons with NORCO players at the NORCO Facility. 
  • Hourly rates are determined by each coach and may vary based on number of athletes participating in the lesson. Inquire about packages to reduce costs per lesson.
  • If a conflict should arise after scheduling a private lesson, you must contact your coach, by phone or email, at least 24 hours prior to the start of your lesson. Failure to contact with at least 24 hours notice will result in paying in full for the lesson.
  • Athletes may not receive private lessons from their own NORCO Head or Assistant Coach. The coach may volunteer his or her time but is never allowed to receive payment.


  1. Initiate conversation with one of our coaches via email to coordinate availability, discuss rates and reserve gym time.
  2. Cash or check payment (payable to the coach) must be collected by the start of your lesson. 

If you're having a difficult time reaching a coach, please contact the NORCO office at 970-667-5005 for assistance. 

Click here to learn more about our private coaches. Please remember to contact the coach directly if you are interested in scheduling lessons.

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