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Our Prime League is the perfect opportunity for 11-17 year olds who are interested in club volleyball with a shorter season and a locally focused tournament experience.  

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The emphasis of the 10-12 week program is on skill development and game play - it's a great program for players who have some experience and want to improve their skills, prepare to move to the next level, or simply play the game they love! With two practices a week and three tournaments, players receive the full experience of a modified club season.

How it Works

No need to stress, all players will make a team! We start with a skill evaluation session to ensure that players of similar skill levels & ages are on the same teams. Following the skill evaluation, we host an Open House so players can meet their coaches and teammates, try on jerseys, pick up packets, and make payments! 

Teams have two practices every week, each for for an hour & a half. The first practice is focused strictly on skill development while the second practice of the week integrates game play within teams.


After several weeks of training, athletes have the opportunity to apply their new skills in game situations in three NORCO tournaments, playing with other Prime teams, NORCO Core Teams, and outside teams for a highly competitive, and fun, experience. 

High Level Instruction

NORCO Prime offers the highest standards of coaching and training to all players regardless of their age, abilities, competitiveness and financial status. Our Prime League coaches are nationally recognized and many of them have played and/or coached at the collegiate level.


With two practices a week, players get 3 hours of concentrated work each week. During the Monday skills practice, the focus is on individual skill development, with feedback coming from multiple coaches. The Wednesday practice will be a team practice, with a focus on game play, team development, and bonding. The idea is that players will be able to focus on improving individually while also gaining experience on a team! 

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves to play volleyball but cannot make the full club volleyball commitment. Prime Athletes receive the same quality training as club team players, without a less demanding practice and travel schedule.


For the 2022 Season, we are offering teams for 11 & under, and 12s through 17s age groups. The actual number of teams formed may be increased or decreased at any age groups based upon the number of participants who attend, experience and skill level.


  • 18 - 1 1/2 Hour Practices
  • 3 Tournaments
  • 10-11 teammates & new friends!
  • Full NORCO Under Armor Package
  • NORCO Juniors Elite Coach
  • NORCO PRIME Program Workbook - New!
  • An awesome & unforgettable experience!

* Check back in mid-late August for updates on our Fall season! 

 Questions? Contact our Programs Director Jill Simpson

Check out reviews from Fall 2020 Prime Season!

 "It is wonderful that these more beginner level athletes get the same training and coaching as the older more experienced girls.They are able to learn the correct techniques the first time around. This is so valuable . Many programs don't offer this caliber of coaching for the lower levels. We have been so pleased with the program."


"She (NORCO COACH) was positive, helped her confidence, encouraged other sports, understands sport related anxiety and created a fun atmosphere- all of which is hard to find in youth sports these days."


"This was our first experience with club volleyball and it exceeded all our expectations."