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NORCO Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What makes NORCO unique from the many other Clubs in the area or the state? We are a competitive club that still looks out for the best interest of the players. Proven history of respect within the Region and country (entering our 30th season).  Promoting and training our players makes the difference.

2.) Your practice schedule typically shows 2-3 practices per week is that enough? YES, our practices are designed to be efficient and demanding. We also have lots of traveling coaches and athletes and we try to limit the amount of time on the road and time away from family and school related activities.

3.) Try-outs; are your teams pre-determined?  Players are selected for teams based on talent, skill and positions. Many players are scouted and seen during school matches/clinics.  Some offers may be made early for various reasons.  Any club that denies this is being dishonest and you should avoid them. Our club philosophy is to invite players to try-outs but not to harass or bribe them with offers of free memberships to join our club. Inviting players to our try-outs does not guarantee a certain team or position. Rumors or hearsay regarding try-outs or player selection are inevitable, however we are an ethical and honest club and will always remain so.

4.) Can participating in fundraising really help to offset the cost of playing Club Volleyball? YES, 100%.

5.) Can playing Club Volleyball help increase my daughter’s chances of receiving a scholarship to play Volleyball in college? YES, most college recruiting occurs during the club season and Collegiate coaches are very aware of NORCO’s reputation and commitment to developing successful student-athletes. The coaching staff at NORCO is well known by Collegiate coaches for their honesty in promoting our athletes.  Many years at NORCO has seen 100% Senior recruitment by collegiate programs.

6.) What if my daughter does not make a NORCO Black Team? Regional Teams (Blue, White & Silver) remain highly competitive within the RMR region and often rank higher than numerous other clubs #1 teams. The NORCO coaching staff is qualified at all levels.

7.) What if my daughter decides during the season that she no longer wants to play? Once a player makes a verbal commitment, she is responsible to her teammates, her coaches and financially committed for the entire season.

8.) If my daughter is not able to make it to an out of state tournament, do we still have to pay? YES, in regards to all required travel tournaments and or verbally committed tournaments. 

9.) What all is involved if my daughter’s team qualifies for Nationals or AAU's and does she have to participate? Participation is required once a team qualifies or accepted to JO's and or AAU's. Individual player (s) who elect not to participate will still be responsible for all associated costs. Summer competition: families are responsible for travel to and from JO's and or AAU's.  A team’s failure to participate in an awarded bid to JO's will result in the entire club being banned the following season. 

10.) Is it possible to play school sports during the Club Season? YES, NORCO encourages and promotes multi-sport athletes. Most collegiate coaches will tell you they prefer a well-rounded student-athlete and not one that is ‘burned out’ on a particular sport. Communication with club coaches regarding other sport schedules is vital.

11.) Do I always have to wear my practice uniform to practice? Yes, we are one club that promotes unity among all athletes and all teams.

12.) Can we make our arrangements to have our daughter travel and stay with our family instead of with the team for out of state tournaments? No, club policy states during regulation season, all players will travel and stay together for National Tournaments.  Summer competition may be different.