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NORCO History

Welcome to NORCO Volleyball "One Step Ahead of the Competition"


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to an organization that is dedicated to developing and advancing volleyball skills in young student-athletes.

NORCO is a non-profit volleyball club committed to providing student-athletes the opportunity to develop and enhance their individual and team skills by competing at Regional and National tournaments.

NORCO has the following goals:

  • To improve the skills and abilities of young volleyball players
  • To instill in young volleyball players a strong sense of sportsmanship, commitment, and character
  • To supplement the existing school volleyball programs by developing prospective youth players
  • To strive to be a competitive club. Within each age group, teams will be formed from a most competitive team to a least competitive team
  • To offer the highest standards of training to all players regardless of their ages, abilities, competitiveness, or financial status


NORCO is governed and operated under the guidance of a Board of Directors which consists of community members, local business professionals, former parents, coach's representative, club director and administrative assistant.. To aid the club in its operations a player/parent handbook, which includes all club policies/guidelines, will be made accessible to every current member of NORCO. NORCO expects all of its members to follow all rules and regulations set forth.

NORCO was established in 1985 and has evolved into one of the largest and most successful volleyball clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region with girls and boys teams ages 10-18.

Since the start of our club, NORCO has experienced Regional success by consistently finishing in the top five in each age division. NORCO teams have also participated in thirteen of the last fourteen National Championships winning three Olympic Medals. During the 2001 Junior Championships in Salt lake City, Utah, the NORCO 18-Black team placed second in the 18 Open Division. The NORCO 18 Black team also placed third at the 2002 Junior Championships.

Since 1991, 300+ of our club players have received Division I – Division III volleyball scholarships to colleges from the East to the West Coast. One of our club’s goals is to assist our student-athletes in selecting colleges with volleyball programs that best match their abilities, interests and academic goals - we have over 30 year of experience assisting with the college recruitment process.

NORCO offers the highest standards of coaching and training to all players regardless of their ages, abilities, competitiveness and financial status.

Contact Us

Address: 7395 Greendale Road
                 Windsor, CO 80550

Phone: (970) 667-5005

Fax: (970) 667-5665

General Email:

NORCO Volleyball - 35 Years of Building Teams, Players and People

Where Are They Now?

The Sunsets

The NORCO Volleyball Club was started in 1985 by Joanne and Vern Sunset.  Until that time, there were no quality opportunities for their daughter Andrea Sunset, a Junior at Poudre High School, to play volleyball in the off-season.  Joanne took action by calling Rich Feller, the CSU Volleyball coach, and asked him if he was interested in supporting a USVBA Junior program.  This was the beginning of what we know as the NORCO Volleyball club and the strong partnership with the CSU volleyball program.
Joanne and Vern Sunset ran the club out of Vern’s business office for the first seven years of its existence.  They formed a non-profit corporation and ran the business operations for most of this time.  They hired Cathy Mahaffery during this time as well.  Cathy and others have taken NORCO far beyond its modest beginnings and Joanne and Vern's wildest dreams.  They were proud to be honored by the club in 2012.
Rich Feller left CSU for Cal in 1999 and is now recognized as one of the premier coaches in the country.  He was honored as AVCA National Coach of the Year in 2010 and has led the Golden Bears to 11 (and counting) NCAA tournament appearances.
Joanne and Vern Sunset are still passionate about volleyball and attend virtually every CSU home match.  Andrea Sunset went on to play volleyball for Colorado College in the late 80’s and was among the first of NORCO’s athletes to play at a collegiate level.