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Rachel Lambrecht Commits to Central Washington University

By NORCO, 10/17/19, 10:30AM MDT


I think recruiting is one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever gone through, but more importantly than that, it has been the most rewarding.

With this being my 8th year at NORCO I have obviously been surrounded with some pretty amazing talent and it was hard not comparing my recruiting journey to my teammates. While others found their perfect school quickly, it took me countless emails, phone calls, and visits for me find a good fit. But with that being said, I’m so incredibly happy that I didn’t rush my decision because if I had, then I probably wouldn’t have found Central Washington University. CWU gives me everything I want in an education, a team, a location, and an overall culture. Throughout my whole process everyone told me that it’s about the feeling you get when you step on campus. I didn’t necessarily understand what they meant until I left the campus with a smile on my face. It was such an overwhelming sense of relief and pride in how far I had come. 

I think it’s important to remember that your recruiting journey is exactly that, it’s YOURS. There’s no timeline, no expectations, no right or wrong decisions. Don’t get caught up in the progress of others because your progress, though it may look different, is progress all the same. So, my advice would be to simply keep working hard and trust in your process. 

I’m so excited to be heading to Central Washington, but I’ll of course miss home. NORCO has been my second home as long as I’ve been playing volleyball and I cannot wait to finish my club career with the same girls I started it with!