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Hannah Serbousek Commits to the University of New Hampshire

By NORCO, 07/17/19, 2:45PM MDT


Recruiting Experience: Hannah Serbousek Class of 2020

My recruiting process was one that was long and full of second guessing. I was always trapped in wanting to get it over with, and wanting to take my time. University of New Hampshire came into my vision late in my recruiting process. I had found things I had loved in many schools, but as I started to lose hope to find “that feeling”, life gave me a gift. It came in the form of a card during one of my tournaments from Coach Feliciano. As I did my research, this unexpected gift fell into place to fit my perfect mold for a school. I am so excited to continue not only my athletic career in New Hampshire but also my education. This gift is one of many that comes from believing that things happen for a reason. I had schools that I had loved that had turned me down, and that rejection led me to where I am today. It humbled me and taught me that there is a plan for everyone because even though hearing no is hard, I have found a school that checks my boxes. On the other side of things, I had schools that I had turned down and feared that I would regret the choice in the future. As a person who is analytical and seeks perfection I am blessed to be in a place that I have no regrets in my decision and how long it took. 

As much stress and anxiety hovers above the requiting process, any advice I can give someone going through it is to enjoy it and trust the process. All the emails you send and camps you attend even if that school ends up not being the one for you, it has shown you that much more of what you want and what you don’t. You are part of the 7% of athletes that has been blessed with the gifts, opportunity, and work ethic to play a varsity sport in college. That alone is a unique experience and one that should be experienced. So don’t rush it, take your time and see the beauty in the uniqueness of your situation as I did.  And my club years at NORCO has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Congratulations Hannah!