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Clinics & Events

2020 NORCO Spring Clinics

Our lineup includes a variety of skill sessions led by our nationally recognized core Head Coaches.  Save your spot today!

- Hitting & Setting Clinic - Saturday, February 8th (1:00-3:00pm)
     Lead Hitting Coaches - Kendra Cunningham (17 Black)
                           Andy Levoe  (16 Black)
     Lead Setting Coaches - Daisy Schultz  (17 Black)
                                       Katie Gamsky  (12 Black)

- Passing & Defense Clinic - Saturday, February 22nd (11:00am-1:00pm)
     Lead Coaches - Courtney Zimmerman Wallace  (15 Black)
Taylor Els  (16 Black)
      Kristina Schell  (16 Blue)

- Serving & Passing Clinic - Saturday, February 29th (11:00am-1:00pm)
     Lead Coaches - Audra Pearson  (13 Black)
                        Glenn Sapp  (18 Black)

- Hitting Clinic - Saturday, March 21st (11:00am-1:00pm)
     Lead Coaches - Erin Hausserman  (18 Black)
                           Krista Schwartz  (14 BLack)
                            Brittany Lawrance  (14 Blue)

NORCO Juniors Camps/Clinics/Leagues are available to all athletes regardless of age, experience, or club affiliation.  Clinics are designed for players ages 10 - 18, unless otherwise stated.  Our Camps/Clinics will be staffed with collegiate coaches, collegiate players, and current/former NORCO coaches and players.  Our goal will be to provide an environment where each athlete will be allowed to reach personal goals regardless of current level of play or experience.  Each athlete will be challenged while acquiring skills through instruction, demonstration, and repetition.  Concepts for each technique and position will be emphasized by our staff with positive and constructive feedback.  ALL NORCO CLINICS/ CAMPS/ TRYOUTS AND OTHER EVENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless the camp or clinic is cancelled.


NORCO Clinics are open to ALL volleyball players!

Players do NOT have to be NORCO affiliated or play on a club team to participate in our Clinics.

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