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This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for multiple sessions, and submit payment. NORCO is excited to present it's 2024 Skills Clinics. These clinics will be lead by  NORCO Core coaches with an emphasis on skill development.  These camps are open to all athletes, boys and girls, from the ages 11-18. Camp participants do not have to be NORCO affiliated or on a club team to participate.  

2024 Skills Clinic Dates:

Saturday, Jan. 20th, 8:30am-10:30am ATTACKING & SETTING
Saturday, Jan. 27th, 8:30am-10:30am SERVE & SERVE RECEIVE
Saturday, March 9th, 8:30am-10:30am DEFENSE
*This Clinic is FULL!
Saturday, April 6th, 8:30am-10:30am ATTACKING & BLOCKING
*This Clinic is FULL!


All clinics will take place at our NORCO Facility
4539 Viking Way
Loveland, CO 80538


Where are NORCO camps and clinics located?
All camps and clinics are held at our beautiful 10 court facility at 4539 Viking Way, Loveland, CO.  

Can I watch my player during the camp/clinic?
Spectators are more than welcome to watch from the mezzanine.  However only players and coaches are allowed on the courts.  No parents or spectators are allowed to watch Open Gyms or Tryouts. 

When will registration close?
Our camps and clinics are very popular and fill up fast!  We will close all camps and clinics as soon as they reach capacity or 24 hours before the scheduled camp/clinic.  We want to make sure that registered players get plenty of reps and coaching so we limit how many players can register for each camp and clinic.  We recommend that you register for camps/clinics as early as possible to secure your spot.  

Why was my camp canceled?
All of our camps and clinics have a minimum and maximum number of participants.  If a clinic/camp registration does not meet the minimum number of participants 48 hours before the scheduled camp/clinic we will cancel that session.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ENTER AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU CHECK FREQUENTLY ON THE REGISTRATION SO YOU RECEIVE NOTICE IF THIS HAPPENS!  Waiting until the last minute to register may cause a camp/clinic to be canceled due to lack of participants…please register early!  YOU WILL BE REFUNDED IF YOUR CAMP/CLINIC IS CANCELED by NORCO.

Where should my player go when they arrive at NORCO?
Players should check in with the gym attendant and then they can head upstairs to the mezzanine to put their personal belongings on a shelf and get ready for their camp or clinic. No personal belongings should be brought to the courts other than a water bottle.

What should my player bring/wear to their camp/clinic?
Players should wear athletic clothing, athletic shoes and have a water bottle.  If they have kneepads we do recommend them. No food or drink (other than water) is allowed on the courts, so please leave those items in your bag on the shelves in the mezzanine.  

My player can no longer attend the camp/clinic they are registered for.  When I registered I read that there are no refunds.  Can you make an exception for us or can I get a credit?
If there is a medical reason for not coming to the session, email the NORCO office with a doctor’s note with the reason (and duration) listed why your player cannot participate and we will provide a refund.  Beginning April 1, 2023, NORCO does not keep credits for any programs, so we cannot “save” your fee for use at another time. Our registration system does not support this.  Asking for a credit is just a way to circumvent the refund policy, which is always stated clearly in our program descriptions.  So please make sure that your player can attend the camp/clinic BEFORE you register.

The camp/clinic I meant to register for is now full!  Can you please make an exception for me?  
We limit the number of participants to make sure that players get lots of reps and coaching.  If a camp/clinic is full we can add you to the waitlist should someone withdraw.  Please email or call the NORCO office and we will get your information and will contact you ONLY if something opens up.

My player is younger than the ages/grades for a camp/clinic, but she has been playing her whole life and will only be pushed with older players.  Can she register for camps/clinics with older players?
Our programs are only for the ages/grades listed with the camps/clinics.  Most of our programming is grade-based, but we use birthday as a secondary factor to help us determine if a player is in the correct program.  Please do not sign up for anything that is not listed for your player's current grade and/or age.  

Although you may feel like your 5th grader or 6th grader needs to be moved up to get great training, this just isn’t the case at NORCO.  We have developmentally appropriate training for all of our players that teaches them and pushes them to the next level.

This also means that your older daughter shouldn’t be concerned that she will be “brought down” by being on a court with younger players.  We do take age into consideration when placing players onto courts, but we also use skill-level as well.  If a younger player is that good, she may just be placed on a court with older girls.  Court placement is determined by our coaching staff and not by parents.


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