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The 2014-2015 Season Player Profiles are available!

Gavin Markovits, NORCO's Collegiate Recruiting Director

Gavin Markovits is the NORCO Recruiting Director and he will be assisted by our senior staff of coaches. Gavin's coaching/recruiting experience at the collegiate level and the relationships he has built over the years will guide our student-athletes in achieving their dreams. Gavin's understanding of NCAA rules, regulations and resources will help facilitate the recruiting process for our NORCO families.
Many of Gavin's' responsibilities will include:
1. Offer several recruiting clinics to aid parents in the overall understanding of the Recruiting process (includes a basic understanding of NCAA rules and resources such as NCAA Clearing House).
2. Set up individual meetings with families to develop a recruiting game plan (goals and the "right fit" college).
3. Serve as the lead liaison between families and potential college coaches. This will include staying involved with the student-athletes in their "periodic check-ups" and timelines.
4. Publish helpful tips and suggestions to all student-athletes and coaches (rules, tournaments, player profiles and practices).
5. Assist in basic video skills sessions for recruit-able athletes and provide links when available.
6. Be available for questions (phone and email).
7. Showcase athletes. Offer two showcase weekends (spring) with invited coaches to view several teams in one setting.


At Norco Juniors, we are committed to providing our players and parents with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the recruiting process. Therefore, we have teamed up with VolleyballRecruits.net - The Official Recruiting Tool of USA Volleyball, to ensure our players are maximizing the exposure they receive throughout the recruiting process.

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Recruiting Education

Education is the key to success in the recruiting process, so be sure to check out VolleyballRecruits.net's Guide To College Recruiting or browse through the many volleyball specific recruiting articles, including:


The Recruiting Time-Line


Parents Guide to Filming Video


Facts about Scholarships


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Tournament Success 2013:

14 Black - 1st Place Gold Division, 15s, RMR Classic
13 Black - 1st Place Gold Division, 14s, RMR Classic
WYO 13 Blue - 1st Place Gold Division, 13s, RMR Classic
11 Black - 1st Place Gold Division, 12s, RMR Classic
14 Cassie - 1st Place Silver Division, 14s, RMR Classic
14 Black - Grand Champions in 14s Division, RMR Showdown
13 Black - Grand Champions in 13s Division, RMR Showdown
East 14 Black - Flight 1 Champion 15s Division, RMR Showdown
16 Thomas - 2nd Place, Flight 2 16s Division, RMR Showdown
15 Black - 2nd Place, 15s Gold Division, President's Day Classic
17 Blue - Top 5 Open, President's Day Classic
17 Black - Top 5 Club, President's Day Classic


RMR Regional Championships

18 Black - 3rd Place, Division 1, 18s
17 Black - 2nd Place, Division 1, 17s
17 Blue - 3rd Place, Division 1, 17s
16 Black - 3rd Place, Division 1, 16s
Northern Lights Qualifier
14 Black - 1st Place, American Division, 14s
13 Black - 3rd Place, American Division, 13s

Crossroads 2013

NORCO 11 Black – 3rd Place 12 National Flight 1

NORCO 11 Blue – 5th Place 12 American Flight 2

NORCO 12 Black – 1st Place 12 National Bronze Division

NORCO 12 Blue – 1st Place 12 National Flight 1

NORCO 12 White – 3rd Place 12 American Flight 2

NORCO 13 Black – 2nd Place 13 USA Flight 1

NORCO 13 Blue – 3rd Place 13 American Flight 1B

NORCO 13 White – 2nd Place 13 American Flight 2B

NORCO 14 Black – 5th Place 14 USA Silver Division

NORCO 14 Blue – 4th Place 14 USA Flight 1A

NORCO 14 White – 1st Place 14 American Flight 3B

NORCO 14 Silver – 5th Place 14 American Flight 3B

NORCO 15 Black – 2nd Place 15 Open Flight 1

NORCO 15 Blue – 5th Place 15 USA Flight 2

NORCO 15 White – 1st Place 15 American Flight 4A

NORCO 16 Black - 3rd 16 Open Bronze Bracket

NORCO 16 Blue - 3rd Place 16 USA Flight 2B

NORCO 16 White - 5th Place 16 American Flight 4B

NORCO 17 Black - 7th Place 17 Open Gold Pool 2

NORCO 17 Blue - 5th Place 17 USA Gold Bracket

NORCO 18 Black - 3rd Place 18 Open Bronze Division